Thanks so Much, Buddies

September 3, 2014

Never expected this. Never.

I don’t know whether our thanks can express our gratitude or not. But, let us say a ton of thanks to all of you friends who made us these videos. We are really happy. You know,¬†she is moved by the videos you are created. Hope, someday, we can payback all of your kindness in a better¬†way. May Allah bless all of you, always.

Dari Forjom

First video was made by my close friends : Angga, Kavin, Brian, Uge, Ilham, Uus. Entitled “Dari Forjom“. They put this video in a flash disk and wrapped it as a wedding gift. I am really touched, buddies.


Kado Dari Hamburg Buat Pipit & Zaky

Second video was made by Andi Wahyu Multazam a.k.a Ajang who is currently studying in Hamburg for a summer school program. We never expected you made this video. You asked all of your friends there and then captured one by one? That was really amazing bro! Thanks a lot!

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