Thanks so Much, Buddies

Never expected this. Never.

I don’t know whether our thanks can express our gratitude or not. But, let us say a ton of thanks to all of you friends who made us these videos. We are really happy. You know, she is moved by the videos you are created. Hope, someday, we can payback all of your kindness in a better way. May Allah bless all of you, always.

Dari Forjom

First video was made by my close friends : Angga, Kavin, Brian, Uge, Ilham, Uus. Entitled “Dari Forjom“. They put this video in a flash disk and wrapped it as a wedding gift. I am really touched, buddies.



Kado Dari Hamburg Buat Pipit & Zaky

Second video was made by Andi Wahyu Multazam a.k.a Ajang who is currently studying in Hamburg for a summer school program. We never expected you made this video. You asked all of your friends there and then captured one by one? That was really amazing bro! Thanks a lot!


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